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About Bow Dog

Bow Dogs!


Name: Bruce - Great Dane          DOB: Jan 5, 2003
Acquired: Backyard Breeder       Position: Professional Lounger.
Favorite Things: Houseboating, Tripe, Walks, Swimming, Little kids dropping food.
Goal: Continue Gaining Confidence, Strengthen Hind End.
Challenges: Suffers from failing hind-quarters, can’t overdo it physically .
Name: Charlie - Great Dane          DOB:Feb 5, 2008
Acquired: Reputable Breeder       Position: Porcupine exterminator, telepathic food detector.
Favorite Things: Food, porcupines, food, porcupines, cats.
Goal: Porcupine aversion.
Challenges: Off-leash in wilderness environments where wildlife abounds.
Name: Cookie - Heinz 57          DOB: Real ladies don't tell
Acquired: Rescue       Position: Being sweet
Favorite Things: Hanging out with Dad, showing Charlie where the porcupines are.
Goal: Being with dad as much as possible.
Challenges: Being too perfect, until I see a bunny or coyote to chase.
Name: Cricket - Jack Russell Terrier          DOB: Nov 2009
Acquired: Rescue   Position: Accounts Receivable, Manager of Country Acquisition.
Favorite Things: Bossing people and dogs around, dumpster diving, swimming with Bruce.
Goal: Taking over the world, non-wiggly sit-stays.
Challenges: Cricket has a criminal record, she bites.