Why Send Your Dog for Walks with BowDog?


Your dog will have a great time! Nothing satisfies a dog’s inherent pack nature more than being around other dogs, playing and interacting with the pack and migrating at the same time!

At BowDog in Calgary, our pack walks are always supervised, controlled and guaranteed to be stimulating! Dogs are creatures of habit and by participating in dog walking services on a regular basis, you are helping to create a happy, healthy and most importantly, well-socialized canine.

Benefits of Dog Walking

  • Gives your dog exercise and social experience: especially if they’re young and have high energy
  • Builds confidence with other dogs and people
  • Reduces the risk of digging, chewing and destroying your home and yard!
  • Avoids risk of injury at the local dog park
  • Builds reliable recall and behavior at home and at the park
  • Come home to a tired and happy dog

Safe, Superior Dog Walking with BowDog Canine Specialists

  • Servicing the entire city of Calgary since 2007
  • Morning, afternoon and weekend pack walks by request and availability
  • Mobile daycare service for active, trail loving dogs (2 back to back walks)
  • Highly trained and bonded staff that provide pick up and drop off service
  • Well ventilated vehicles that keep your pet safe and contained during transport
  • Eco-friendly service; we pick up after our dogs and use biodegradable bags while doing it
Call Us Today: (403) 452-6996 to schedule your free in-home consultation with your dog’s new dog walker or click here to register your pet for dog walking services!