Welcome To BowDog

DogWalkers-90BowDog Canine Specialists is a local, Calgary based business established way back in 2007. What started with just a girl, a Great Dane and a lifetime love for dogs quickly became Calgary’s largest dog walking and pet care provider.

Since then BowDog has grown to a team of over 40 canine specialists and over 20,000 inner city square feet committed to providing the best pet care experience that we can offer. Our team is truly dedicated, well-educated and takes tremendous pride in the quality of care we provide our guests. From hiking with clients on pack walks every day to caring for pets while our clients travel we seek to make your pet the happiest and healthiest it can be away from home and exceed your expectations each time your pet is in our care.

Our unique environments and accredited programs have been carefully crafted to ensure that our guests' innate needs for socialization, affection, attention, physical activity and mental stimulation are met each and every day they're in our care.

We really appreciate you choosing BowDog, we know you have a choice when it comes to the care of your pet and it means the world that you're sharing your best friend with us.  If you're new to BowDog, feel free to stop in for a tour or just come by to talk about dogs! 

If you're a new friend, we can't wait to meet you, and if you're an old friend, we hope to see you and catch up again soon. We appreciate your support that allows a local, small business to thrive in our city and hope to support you through the best years of your life with your best friend at your side.

The Ownership, Management and Staff at BowDog Canine Specialists


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