Welcome To BowDog

BowDog Canine Specialists has been a locally owned and operated pet care facility since 2007. What started with just a girl, a big great dane, a love for dogs and a van and quickly became Calgary’s largest dog walking and pet services provider. Since then, BowDog has grown to a team of over 40 canine specialists that are truly dedicated, well-educated and share tremendous pride in the quality of care we provide our guests. From hiking with clients on pack walks to caring for pets while their owners travel in our centrally located 20,000 square foot facility, we provide services that not only meet but exceed our customers’ expectations.

Neil Genge and Hailey Seidel, Founders of BowDog Canine Specialists, are delighted to share their passion for pets with their two daughters, Poppy and Suzanna. Their three dogs, Bruce, Cookie and Cricket, provide the inspiration for the business as it is today and give us reasons to grow and change our business as their needs and behaviors change with age.

At BowDog, we believe that dogs deserve to enjoy a full life. Intelligent, social, curious, determined, dedicated and fearless are the universal traits found in all canines and the pillars upon which we have built our company. Our clients see their dogs as treasured members of their families and when they need a helping hand, they confidently trust us. Our unique environments and accredited programs have been carefully crafted to ensure that their innate needs for socialization, physical activity, mental stimulation and independence.

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