Cat Boarding in Calgary


Cat boarding at BowDog meets the highest standards of both service and hospitality which is exactly what our feline guests demand.  We appreciate that cats have an entirely different set of needs and we have specifically designed accommodations to make your cat’s stay as stress free and enjoyable as possible.  Cats that board with us are treated to their own luxury suites located in an area created just for them.

BowDog's cat lodging accommodations are designed with full spectrum lighting and plenty of fresh air ensuring the healthiest environment for our feline guests.  Our hands-on team of affectionate cat lovers recognizes each cat has their own personality and individual needs.  We work hard to make each guest feel at home.  You can be assured your cat will have plenty of loving attention during their stay with us.

Discounts:  Have more than one cat?  Get 10% off our standard lodging fees!

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Cat Boarding Accommodations

BowDog offers private suites for our feline guests.  Each suite includes a large litter box and a comfy sleeping area with bedding that is laundered and sanitized daily.  Cat boarding guests at BowDog are offered a premium grain free, fish based kibble and 3 oz of wet food daily.  If you wish to bring your pet’s own food from home, we’re happy to accommodate, please package your pet’s food in meal sized baggies.

Cat Boarding Activities and Pampering

While you’re away, your cat will play!  Treat your cat to a 5 Star Experience.  Whether your cat enjoys quiet snuggles or active play time we have everything that they need!

Our 5 Star boarding gives cats the kind of special attention and love they deserve.  Sessions are customized for your kitty and can include:

  • Quiet lap time, massage and brushing
  • A game of chase with lasers and toys
  • Free-roam play time in our cats only play room with scratching posts and window views
  • Catch of the Day gourmet treats, a different moist fish treat daily
  • Relax, Rejuvenate and Renew: schedule grooming and spa options for your cat before check out

Vaccine Requirements

The health of all our clients is of paramount importance to us at BowDog.  Feline guests must be up to date on all vaccines.

Your pet’s certificate of vaccination is required before their first scheduled service.  If your pet requires an update to their vaccines please ensure it's done at least 14 days before check in.  

Call Us Today: (403) 452-6996
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