Dylan – Flat Coated Retriever Dog Daycare Testimonial

Dylan Flat-coated Retriever at BowDog

Dylan loves the Dog Daycare Program at BowDog

Dylan is a Flat Coated Retriever born in September 2007 and has been coming to Dog Daycare at BowDog daily since March 2015! Read about what Dylan's owner has to say about BowDog here in Calgary.

"I first learned about BowDog when I was looking for a daily care for Dylan as a puppy back in 2008. Hailey, the owner of BowDog, came to meet me at my home and was only one of two care providers back then!  Her company was still growing and Dylan needed more than just dog walking at the time with doggie daycare as just an early vision for her. At the time I took Dylan to another daycare because that was the best fit for my schedule and needs at the time.

I was very unhappy with the other facility Dylan was in prior BowDog opening their doggie daycare.  I just knew in my gut that he was not getting the care I was paying for and expected. I suspected conditions were cramped and an unwillingness to allow me to see the facility were a red flag. When he came home smelly and with lice and I found out that daycare dogs had no outside play time and very little access to indoor play areas, my decision to move Dylan to BowDog’s daycare program was simple.

One of the reasons I chose BowDog as a care provider for Dylan was I felt especially comfortable with Hailey and her philosophy on dog care. I trusted her right away and when I saw that she had opened a daycare facility there was no hesitation. I toured the facility with no notice and was pleased to see it clean, secure, and well-staffed with people who were knowledgeable and trained in dog behaviour.

While BowDog can be pricier than some of their local competition, it is well worth it for the peace of mind I have leaving my fur child there.  He is safe, well cared for and happy. The staff is responsible and it's more than just a business for them. BowDog is really where one woman's passion and dream are lived out and she and her staff really do care for your pet like they would their own.

I love BowDog’s daycare! Dylan attends daily and also stays there overnight on occasion! I love that I can drop him off, tail wagging and pick him up after a bath in the grooming salon to head home!

When it comes to the staff at BowDog, I can’t choose any favorites. Everyone has always been so accommodating, helpful, and invested in their position. If a staff member goes back to school or pursues a new opportunity it sometimes feels like family is leaving. The staff love their jobs and it really shows. They all know Dylan and Dylan knows them.

I know Dylan loves the people and the attention he gets at BowDog and the comfy orthopedic Kuranda beds they make available for him to lounge on during the day.  The outdoor space is just fantastic and in the summer the pools, and sprinklers would undoubtedly provide him hours of bliss.

Once Dylan injured himself while at BowDog for daycare. I was notified by phone immediately while I was at work and he was promptly taken to his vet to receive treatment. The staff and management were quick to inform me, honest and transparent. It wasn't covered up or dismissed, Dylan really received the best care possible when he needed it most.

When we pull up at BowDog after a long weekend or extended time away, Dylan begins to spin and dance in the back of the car about two blocks away! It's really so nice to know he is happy there."

6909 Farrell Rd SE
Calgary, AB T2H 0T3

Mon - Fri: 6:00am-7:00pm
Sat - Sun:10:00am-4:00pm
Closed on all Statutory Holidays
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