Lucy – Rottie Mix Dog Daycare Testimonial

Lucy Rottie mix at BowDog Dog Daycare

Sweet Lucy loves her dog daycare sessions at BowDog

Lucy is a Rottweiler mix born in 2007 and but adopted from a local rescue in 2011. Lucy started attending our Dog Daycare program here at BowDog in April 2011. We love seeing Lucy come in for her dog daycare session. Read what Lucy's owner Inga M. has to say about her and Lucy's experience at BowDog in Calgary.

"We first learned about BowDog not long after adopting Lucy from a local rescue. It was clear that she wasn’t well socialized and could benefit from some professional help with her social skills in a safe environment. I did a Google search, and found BowDog’s daycare program. When I originally started looking at and interviewing pet care facilities, BowDog was the only one who would accept my Rottweiler mix without breed discrimination. They invited me in for a tour and were beyond helpful and patient answering all my questions about my newly adopted dog and whether or not their services were the best fit for her.

There are many reasons I chose BowDog for Lucy; from the friendly and professional staff, to the feedback during Lucy’s overnight and daycare visits and the structure they have built into her days. For Lucy, routine and consistent expectations are an important part of her behavioral success. Something as simple as asking her to sit before she’s leashed up and walked is a continuation of all the time and effort we’ve invested in her at home.

I recommend BowDog often and without a doubt! I trust BowDog with our girl and would refer them confidently to anyone requiring their services. One of my favorite small details about BowDog’s service is the perfume spritz she gets before she comes home from daycare. She can play and have fun outside with her friends but the finishing touch means she comes home as perfect as possible, ready for love and cuddles!

Over the years I’ve met many staff at BowDog and they’ve all been terrific to deal with. Courteous, polite, cheerful, and informative are just some of the words that come to mind. That being said BowDog’s Client Services team always greets me genuinely with a warm smile at drop off and pickup and it’s not unappreciated.

Lucy loves BowDog and is well known for not wanting to come home, she comes to the front desk, wanders behind it if her favorite staff are working and tries to go back into the daycare if she thinks I’m taking too long!  I have no doubt she loves the cuddles, play time, and interaction with her favorite furry friends.  Lucy isn’t an easy dog to care for and has numerous issues ranging from fixation on shadows, a desire to chase cars, a preference for men as handlers and a strong desire to herd her male play mates. Even though Lucy has a big personality and unique play style, BowDog has taken the time to get to know her and create play groups that allow her to socialize in a safe and healthy manner. Thank you BowDog!"

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