Scout - Beagle Dog Daycare Testimonial

Scout 13 year old Beagle at BowDog

Scout loves BowDog's Dog Boarding Program

Scout is one of our favorite seniors, a Beagle born in March 2003! Scout has been attending BowDog’s dog daycare and overnight dog boarding programs since November 2010. Our dog boarding and dog daycare programs are perfect for dogs of any age, from puppies to seniors. Read what Scout's owner Carla C. has to say about her experience with BowDog in Calgary.

"BowDog was recommended to me by a friend and once I saw the facility I knew it was a great fit for me and my dogs. I chose BowDog because the large facility offered great outdoor space for their guests. I also admired the genuine care and professionalism of the staff exuded upon meeting them.  The location is convenient and the hours are perfect.  Having all my favorite services including daycare, boarding and grooming in one place was also very attractive.

I recommend BowDog to family and friends because Scout is always happy to go, the love and attention he gets while staying is second to none and I am always 100% comfortable leaving him in the care of BowDog’s team. My favorite thing about BowDog is the opportunity to customize Scout’s experience while away from home with their activity packages for lodging guests. His needs have changed over the years as he ages so it’s nice knowing they can provide him exactly what he needs to make him most comfortable and provide him the most fun.

The client services team at BowDog is always fantastic.  They’re friendly, knowledgeable and I feel like they all truly know and anticipate for Scout’s needs and personality. I know Scout loves the attention he gets at BowDog and I think the time spent outside and sunbathing with friends is great!

The team at BowDog has always gone above and beyond to make sure Scout is happy and healthy.  I appreciate the attention paid to him, from informing me about a lump under his leg found during a daily wellness check to giving him extra love and helping him get over his anxiety when he lost his house mate.  There is no other place I would take him."

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