Zoe - Chocolate Lab Dog Daycare Testimonial

Zoe - BowDog Dog Daycare Chocolate Lab Client

Zoe Having Fun with Dog Daycare Playgroup

Zoe is a Chocolate Labrador Retriever born in August 2012 and started dog walking with us that October as the cutest little 8 week old puppy! Now, Zoe can be found in attendance daily here at BowDog’s Dog Daycare program! We asked Tim G., Zoe's owner to tell us why he trusts BowDog here in Calgary to care for Zoe.

"We first learned about BowDog from one of my wife’s co-workers. We called BowDog and signed up for services before we even brought Zoe home so we could ensure we had support as soon as she arrived. We wanted to know she would never be left unattended for too long during the day while we were at work.

We were initially really intrigued by the convenience of BowDog’s walking service. As an 8 week old puppy Zoe started off with a mid-day visit for a few weeks before being big enough to tag along with the big dogs! The pickup and drop-off service accommodated by the dog walking program made things very easy for us. BowDog also offers overnight lodging accommodations for dogs which makes Zoe’s care while we’re traveling seamless and convenient. BowDog is really close to downtown which makes it easy for me to drop her off for overnight lodging or daycare on a daily basis.

We recommend BowDog to friends and family because it’s well run and it’s clear the staff all love dogs and the dogs are just as excited to see them. Our most used and favorite service at BowDog is their doggie daycare program. It’s impossible to pick a favorite staff member. Zoe really loves them all, I can tell by her reaction when she sees them! Hailey, as an owner is very responsive to her client’s needs and I like that she can often be seen interacting with her guests and clients. I think Zoe likes BowDog because it provides her the social atmosphere she needs to play and interact positively with other dogs.

BowDog really meets all our requirements in ensuring that Zoe is well cared for in providing her safe opportunities to socialize with other dogs. Most importantly for us, as the owners of a highly active dog, she comes home tired and happy at the end of every visit with her friends at BowDog.

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