Winter Safety at BowDog

Cold Temperatures: How Cold is too Cold? Winter time in Calgary can vary quite a bit and pet owners often find themselves questioning, how cold is too cold? And the answer to that is that it simply depends on a variety of different factors such as breed, age and tolerance. Dogs with short hair (and […]

Canine Cough

Canine Cough What is it? Canine cough, formally acknowledged as Kennel Cough, is a highly contagious respiratory disease. Canine cough is very similar to the cold or flu that a human may get. It is spread via airborne droplets, direct contact, or contaminated surfaces (water bowls, food bowls). Canine cough is highly treatable but can […]

New Year, New You

New Year, New You Winter Safety | Upcoming Events | Canine Cough                                Winter Safety Happy New Year! With the new year we all set out with new resolutions and goals for the next 365 days. This year, we want to […]

Celebrate Pet Appreciation Week at BowDog

June 5th-9th is Pet Appreciation Week and to celebrate the bond between you and the dogs we all love most we have an amazing week of giveaways for you and your pup! Participate in any service BowDog offers on the dates listed below and earn gifts and savings towards future services! Monday, June 5th: One FREE […]

Celebrate Take Your Dog to Work Day with BowDog!

Take Your Dog to Work Day celebrated on Friday, June 23rd this year is an annual event created to encourage work places to celebrate the bond between humans and animals in the hope that employees without pets might be inspired to adopt homeless pets...

Beating the Heat at BowDog

It’s already heating up this Spring and that means a few changes for our guests and pet care staff as we adjust our daily schedules in consideration of the increase in daily temperatures! A few clients have been asking about what we do to beat the heat at BowDog so we thought we’d share with […]
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Why do dogs howl?

Lately the weather has been amazing in Calgary, which means lots of time outside with our play groups, soaking in the sunshine! Recently on a few occasions, while we’re outside playing and sun tanning, a few dogs start a round of howling that keeps growing in the number of participants until we intervene! While it’s […]

“Nicole is the best groomer in Calgary! And you can tell she loves dogs. I won’t take Kili anywhere else.”

– The Ahlans and Kili the Doodle

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