Overnight Dog Boarding Accommodations for Every Dog



Whatever comes to mind when you think of a traditional dog boarding kennel can be set aside after a visit to BowDog and our centrally located Dog Boarding Resort in the heart of Calgary. The city's best veterinarians and thousands of clients rave about the quality of our care for a reason...your pet will enjoy an entirely refreshing and wonderful experience with our team! 

Our guests are kept safe and secure in our clean and comfy resort, with their own personal space to rest and relax before and after their daily activity schedule.  Each dog boarding guest receives room service daily with fresh linens, while comforting ambient music plays throughout their resting and play areas.

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What is included:

  • 24 hour supervision
  • Personal accommodation for every guest
  • Care from the best trained staff in the city with 1:20 staff to dog ratios in group play
  • Our dog boarding guests are provided plush bedding with orthopedic upgrades available during rest periods.  All bedding is freshly laundered and sanitized daily.
  • Two, recorded nose-to-toes health checks daily.

Meal Times:

  • We find that most guests enjoy their stay most when eating the food they love at home. We invite you to bring your pet's food in meal sized portions at no extra charge.
  • Should convenience be what you desire, we offer a fish based, premium, grain-free kibble at $3.00 per day per guest.
  • Our guests are fed twice a day with ample rest after feeding times for optimized health and wellness. Additional feeding times can be accommodated by special request.

Special Requests:

We are happy to accommodate special requests for your best friend! Our amazing team is happy to accommodate our dog boarding guests with medication and supplement administration, special diet preparation, food and treats from home, post-surgical or special handling requests, and daily brushing for coats requiring maintenance. Please feel free to discuss any of your special requests with our reservations department. Please note, we are unable to accommodate diabetic guests requiring injections.


  • Have more than one dog?  Get 10% off our standard nightly lodging fees!
  • Stay 14 nights or more and earn 10% off standard nightly lodging! Call us today for a quote!

We have seen a huge change in Coho from attending BowDog. We always have fosters in our house and it used to take Coho a couple days to get used to them and now he is so excited to meet the new dogs! He gets so excited whenever we say BowDog and I feel completely comfortable leaving him with you guys while we are out of town. THANK YOU!!

S. Jones

Call Us Today: (403) 452-6996

Activities and Pampering for our Dog Lodging Guests

Our fun loving and experienced staff at BowDog Canine Specialists can find just the right toy, play the right game or read and snuggle the afternoon away with our dog kennel guests! Our professional experience has taught us that active and happy pets are healthy pets, especially when they’re away from home. Our facility is specifically designed to give our dog boarding guests a place where they can thrive rather than that of a typical dog kennel service. Puppies, active adults and seniors all benefit from regular interaction and activity. So whether your pet loves to party with groups of other social dogs or prefers the one-on-one attention of our Canine Specialists, we have something fitting and special for your best friend at BowDog.

Fun and activity are the best parts of vacations for humans and dogs alike. We know that every pet has different interests and that’s why our play sessions are customized to meet their individual preferences.

Group Play: At BowDog we're happy to provide social dogs group play sessions in our outdoor off leash parks. Your dog can romp and play in the fresh air while on vacation with us. Your dog is placed in a size and energy appropriate play group and provided constant supervision by staff certified in group play supervision. Participants must be spayed/neutered, friendly towards dogs and people, fully vaccinated and in great health.

Activities: Our team is committed to providing your pet the special love and attention they deserve. Play time can include a game of fetch, swimming in the wading pools, supervised walking or running on the treadmill, or quiet snuggles and story time with our staff. Activities are offered for dogs that love group play and those that prefer their own company and require one-on-one attention.

You can choose one of the following:

  • A full day of group play in a size and energy appropriate pack
  • A half-day of group play in a size and energy appropriate pack
  • Up to 2 one-on-one personal play sessions with a staff member

Add a Spa Day!

You can add grooming, nail trims and other spa services to your pet’s lodging reservation!  There’s nothing better than coming home to a best friend who isn't just happy but also looks and smells great too!  Our Reservations Specialists are happy to schedule your grooming reservation and discuss service details.

Health and Vaccination Requirements

The health, safety and wellness of our guests is of paramount importance to us. All guests must be current on the following vaccinations:

  • DHLP
  • Rabies (1 year +)
  • Bordetella
  • We highly suggest a pest preventative (Revolution or Advantage)

Our Pet Care staff are all trained in pet wellness, behaviour and first-aid. We also have, within our pet family, veterinarians who are on call 24/7. If your pet should require medical attention while in our care our protocol is to contact your veterinarian. Should the nature of your pet’s illness require an office visit we reserve the right to utilize our on-call veterinarian (this decision depends on the illness and the travel time to your veterinarian). Our caring staff can administer any oral or topical medications your dog may require during their visit.


Calgary's best pet resort books up months in advance over peak vacation periods like spring break, summer vacation and the winter holiday season. Reservations are required.

Call Us Today: (403) 452-6996

I have to say the whole experience from the initial phone inquiry to the final day pickup was a breeze. I really loved and looked forward to your daily emails on how and what Batman was doing. It was a big piece of mind to know he was doing great. Oh! And of course his report card! How awesome. I will never take him anywhere else.

S. Serra

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