Dog Daycare


The BowDog Spaw is open Sunday-Friday and Saturdays by request.  Our prices below are intended to give an estimated cost of service only and are dependent on the quality and condition of your pet's coat.  To book services please give us a call for exact pricing for your best friend and let us provide the best grooming experience for your pet, 403-452-6996.

*all prices below are considered estimates, for a more accurate estimate, ask to speak with your groomer at check in*


1) Spaw Soak: includes bath, brush, nail trim using the highest quality salon or hypoallergenic shampoo.  Our relaxing baths remove dirt, debris and that musky dog smell.  Your real dog will leave smelling like a good dog!

  • Starts at $35.00

2) Bath & Tidy: includes bath, brush, and trim of feet, face, groin, bum and tail (body, legs de-matting, and debulking are not included)

  • Starts at $45.00

3) Kennel Cut: includes bath, brush and a trim of the entire body using #5 blade or shorter (de-matting and de-bulking are not included)

  • Starts at $55.00

4) Teddy Bear, Breed or Designer Groom: includes bath, brush, cut and breed specific or teddy bear style (de-matting and de-bulking are not included)

  • Starts at $65.00

5) Additional Services

  • De-matting: $20.00/20 minutes
  • De-bulking: $15.00/20 minutes
  • Brush-out only: $20.00
  • Nail Trim: $15.00
  • Nail Dremmel: $20.00
  • Aggressive Dog Charge: subject 25% mark up as more time and second handler is required